Group #1: Jamie Newman (USA); Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Jairo Roa (Colombia)

Group#2 (2010-now): Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Jamie Newman (USA); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Daniel Grassi (Argentina); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Roberto Daniel Martinez (Argentina); Lucas Zambon (Brazil); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Fabiana Rolla (Brazil)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jamie Newman Award

PASHA2010 Competition: abstracts were selected to compete for the Prof. James Newman Award.

Experiences in the use o hospitalists among countries from Latin America had been evaluated and the winner was the Chilean Experience. Three abstracts had been chosen for oral presentation as final stage of the competition and the others two were from Brazil. The experiences from Santa Izabel Hospital (Blumenau) and Santa Isabel Hospital (Salvador) received a Honorable Mention.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Co-management of Surgical Patients

Hi to all a new paper published in Archives of Internal Medicine suggest that co-management of surgical patients is cost saving. (

Please share with us your experience