Group #1: Jamie Newman (USA); Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Jairo Roa (Colombia)

Group#2 (2010-now): Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Jamie Newman (USA); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Daniel Grassi (Argentina); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Roberto Daniel Martinez (Argentina); Lucas Zambon (Brazil); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Fabiana Rolla (Brazil)

Monday, October 3, 2011

VTE: What Are You and Your Hospital Doing?

VTE is the No. 1 preventable cause of hospital-associated death for medical inpatients. Most hospitals are struggling to decrease the number of DVTs and PEs in their patient population by teaching or reminding staff to check for risk factors in each patient and, if necessary, provide VTE prophylaxis. While this seems like a simple solution, anyone who’s currently struggling to turn the numbers around this way can assure you that it is an uphill battle. What Are You and Your Hospital Doing?

PASHA comprises an independent network of physicians from across the Americas. By fostering a professional culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, our goal is to promote the dissemination of ideas and the improvement of Hospital Medicine practice.

This is what hospitalists from Chile are doing in their hospital:

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