Group #1: Jamie Newman (USA); Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Jairo Roa (Colombia)

Group#2 (2010-now): Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Jamie Newman (USA); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Daniel Grassi (Argentina); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Roberto Daniel Martinez (Argentina); Lucas Zambon (Brazil); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Fabiana Rolla (Brazil)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meeting to look at Transition Care in Brazil – April 26, 2012

It will be a joint initiative of hospitalists in partnership with traditional internists, family doctors and emergency doctors.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health will participate.

The keynote speaker will be Sunil Kripalani, 2011 ACP Top Hospitalist.

For more information click here (sorry, it's in Portuguese).