Group #1: Jamie Newman (USA); Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Jairo Roa (Colombia)

Group#2 (2010-now): Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Jamie Newman (USA); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Daniel Grassi (Argentina); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Roberto Daniel Martinez (Argentina); Lucas Zambon (Brazil); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Fabiana Rolla (Brazil)

Friday, March 25, 2011

PASHA Meeting with Phil Wells - April 7, 2011

We will connect with colleagues around the world and we wait at least 200 people togheter, learning and sharing experiences.

Web-meeting with Phil Wells, Professor of Medicine and Canada Research Chair who has been performing research in venous thromboembolic diseases for over a decade now. His most significant contributions have been in the areas of (a) diagnosis of pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis, (b) treatment and (c) meta-analysis.

We are going to discuss the following topics:
What clinical rule to diagnose PE in hospitalized patients?
Is there any role for D-dimer?
CT scan or V/Q scan which one is better?
Sub-segmental PE, is it a false positive? What should we do?
Thrombolysis to whom? Do we need troponin and echocardiogram?
Outpatient treatment, what does he hospitalist need to know?
New drugs, the end of warfarin?

Coordination: Esteban Gandara (Canada), Jamie Newman (USA) and Guilherme Brauner Barcellos (Brazil)

Support: Ottawa Hospital-Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Where to be togheter and watch the expert online? Select the place next to you and join us:

Phil Weels will be in Ottawa, Canada with Esteban Gandara - 3:00pm (Ottawa time)

Vancouver. Contact: David Wilton, Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine

Hospital Universitario Austral, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Contact: Sebastian Sevilla

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Hospital Clínico UC, Santiago. Contact: Luis Rojas Orellana

Several places in Brazil will be available. Information at

What Time Is It Around The World Right Now?
We are preparing a great surprise for the next event. We desire participants of others countries, mainly of those where the Hospital Medicine is starting. Contact:

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