Group #1: Jamie Newman (USA); Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Jairo Roa (Colombia)

Group#2 (2010-now): Guilherme Barcellos (Brazil); Jamie Newman (USA); Andrés Aizman (Chile); Daniel Grassi (Argentina); Fernando Rivera (USA); Luiz Rojas Orellana (Chile); Roberto Daniel Martinez (Argentina); Lucas Zambon (Brazil); Neil Winawer (USA); Esteban Gandara (Canada); Fabiana Rolla (Brazil)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winawer speaks about Pan American Hospital Medicine

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  1. Neil, my fears and concerns are about these:; At the second one, USA hospitalists already made some comments: Robert Wachter, Alpesh Amin, Moises Auron, Efren Manjarrez, Jack Percelay... Guilherme Brauner Barcellos